Set Options of Ticket Property Fields

Hey guys!

We have this method Set Options of Ticket Property Fields to set the options in a specific values in a drop-down list, including the status field. But we can’t set the options in the status on the reply button:

And in the ticket list:

Is there a way to set the status in this places as well?
Or is it possible to remove the status field from these places?

Usecase: I build an app that works like a status workflow: from status “A”, you can only go to status “B” and “C”.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove or hide status from ticket list and in the reply buttons,
Mean while let me check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest :slight_smile:


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I had checked with the product team, they said it is not possible at the movement, and there are no such plans to implement in near future. kindly keep an eye on what is a new section.


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Thanks @Santhosh

For those who has the same needs, at least for the the Reply button, I managed to do something:
Listen for ticket.propertiesUpdated and if the new status is not compatible with what you want, just call‘errorMessage’) - the comment will be added but the ticket will not be updated to the new status.


@samuelpares Do you know if we can call without the error notification?