Unable to properly deploy custom app in Freshdesk

Hi folks! So I’m developing a custom app for Freshdesk, and when I try to deploy the app in freshdev.io, the following happens:


Instead of appearing “Internally Published Version”, it shows “Development Version”. Because of that (I think), I can’t install the app and use it.

It happened with me before, but after sometime it just got back to normal, so I don’t know what caused it.

Is there something I’m missing here?


Hi @Matheus_Souza_Silva,

Have you clicked the “Publish” button or the “Save” button? Saving the app does save the draft of the uploaded app as the development version as you have shown in your screenshot.

A new App Management Portal has been released for Freshdesk. Can you try navigating to this portal via Freshdesk product’s App Gallery?

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I’ve clicked the “Publish” button, I didn’t saw the “Save” button anywhere.

Hello, so the problem still persists.

In the image above, you can see that their isn’t a button to deploy the zip file of the project, and when I click on the “Publish” button doesn’t do much, it acts like it was publishing the app, but it doesn’t. The Freshdesk that I’m using doesn’t have the new App Management Portal.

What can I do?