Update/ set not working for arrays

I am using the below code

 client.db.update('user', 'set', { links: [this.links] }).then(
       function (data)  {
          alert('succesfully delted in DB ' + data);
        function (error) {

And I get the error

Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘MessagePort’: [object Array] could not be cloned.

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Hi @Vignesh_K_S,

Is it happening in the local testing with the Freshworks CLI (fdk) running the app or when published as Custom App to your Freshservice account?

If it’s local testing, could you try End-to-End testing flow to test your app and confirm if it’s still happening?
Sorry, this section of the documentation is not available in Freshservice documentation yet. We will clone it to Freshservice docs as well.

Yes its happening after done End-to-End testing