Using Freschat with HTML5 dialog element

Hi all, we are replacing and creating new views in our application using the HTML5 dialog element.

Previous to this element, these old views always have an icon to open the chat to the support department. These views also are totally maximized covering all the application.

Using the native dialog element, we are not able to show the chat because the API always creates the elements into the document.body . Even if we make a custom button to open the chat, we still have the same problem because the current API is not ready to see where to attach all the views related to the chat (always into the document.body)

Is there any workaround to solve this or maybe is there in the roadmap the future feature to set optionally where to attach the chat elements?

For example, if we create a web component it would be constructive that all the related views were created looking for the parent where the component is.